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Philosophy-From CEO
From CEO
Founded in 1998, We have been expanding the business and producing a wide variety of oral care products, following the most basic guide of activities that is our corporate philosophy of customer satisfaction.

In the rapidly changing modern society, social problems and needs of people are constantly changing. Especially because of the progress of aging society and environmental problems, interest in health will increase the future.

We think that it is the practice of our philosophy to Contribute to the healthy life of everyone in the field of oral care products. In 2010, we clarified the idea as vision of " Needs and Quality".

The vision of "Needs and Quality" means uncovering new needs and proposing new values to meet the needs in the ever-changing age. And it means to keep improving the quality of safety that will be increasingly desirable.

We will continue the effort based on the vision of "Needs and Quality". Thank you for your continued patronage in the future.

CEO Yousuke Kubo